5 Important Things to Remember When Planning the Perfect Destination Wedding


At first glance, a destination wedding can seem like a dream-come-true, tying the knot with your beloved at a pristine beach, the sun setting beautifully behind the two of you. But as appealing as it may sound, getting married somewhere halfway across the world definitely isn’t a piece of cake. Couples will have to consider a lot of extra things, such as group hotel reservations, and legal marriage requirements in the area. To help with the riveting planning process, we put together 5 important things to consider when planning your perfect destination wedding. Read on!

5 Tips for the Perfect Destination Wedding

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1.  You might have to arrive a couple of days prior to the ceremony.

Some countries require couples to spend a certain number of days in that country before getting married, while some others do not. For example, to get married in Costa Rica, you may do so upon arrival. However, in Mexico, you should plan to be on the island for at least 72 hours before the wedding! Rules differ from one country to another, so be sure to thoroughly research your destination and make sure the requirements fit with your budget and travel plans.

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2.  Remember your miles and points.

It only makes sense to factor in your points and miles inventory as you browse through destination options. If you’re loaded with certain airline miles or hotel points, consider a destination where you can utilize those perks! If possible, why not save some big bucks? New credit-card signup bonuses may also be worth considering. Be sure to plan all of these many months in advance so you can reach the minimum required spending to reap those benefits. Bonus tip: you could later use the extra points and miles for your honeymoon!

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3.   Make sure your wedding dress is destination-appropriate.

Obviously, we all want to look perfect on our big day! It’s definitely a smart idea to do some research on your destination’s climate, weather, and other details to make sure your wedding dress is suitable. For example, if you’re getting married on a Caribbean beach, a light, breathable satin dress that allows lots of movement might be ideal. Whereas if your destination is a villa in France, you could go for the full princess look with lace and embellishments. If the dress already costs a million bucks, it’d better make you feel like a million bucks too!

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4.  Bear in mind you’re bringing rings!

As you’ll be travelling with wedding rings and other expensive jewelry, a good first step to take would be getting them insured. That means that if it’s lost or stolen during travel, you’ll have options. Also, think of how you will be carrying them. Other than that, it is also important to read the customs declarations rules for your destination carefully, as you may have to declare jewelry when you arrive. The rules are unique to each country, so be sure to do some prior research.

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5.  Consider hiring a local wedding planner.

Because no one knows an area better than locals do, you should strongly consider hiring a wedding planner based in your chosen destination. Not only will they know the details of your venue better, but having a local planner will help eliminate any language barriers, time difference complications, and other logistical issues that may come up. They will also be more knowledgeable regarding local laws, customs, preferred rates, and more. Hiring a local may streamline your planning tremendously.

A destination wedding has the potential to be the most memorable travel experience of your lifetime. Therefore, to create an eternally happy memory, you surely want it to nail it as much as you can! Don’t overlook the small details, remember these tips, and you’re already one step closer to your fairytale wedding. Do you have any experience with destination weddings? Comment some important things to remember below!