5 risky mistakes students make when building a network

Networking can make or break for any student trying to land an 'in' at their dream job. Often times, employers tend to opt in for internal hiring before they start hiring externally. That is why it is so important to start networking right away.You know what they say, it’s not about what you know, but who you know. For this reason, networking is an important way to help potential clients or employers remember you for that perfect job – remember 80% of jobs go unadvertised for a reason! To save you some time coming up with your own strategies, we've compiled 5 mistakes to avoid when networking and make sure you're remembered for the right reasons.


Going over-the-top

Being the life of the party works for nights out with friends but not for meeting your future boss. If you are attending a networking event, be careful with the amount of alcohol that you drink to stay coherent and be aware of your conversation for no slip ups to happen. Be genuine and confident in who you are as a person, that will be more appealing than somebody trying to gain attention. Don't lie or exaggerate on your stories, just be yourself. I mean if you fake it now, you have it keep on faking it, and that is just plain exhausting! Check this sticky situation out:


Judging too quickly

It's easy to judge a book by its cover but you never know who you may be talking to. Maintain professionalism when networking by being open to engage with anybody. It'll show others that you are outgoing and able to converse with clients if needed for business. Limit your interaction to 10-15 minutes so that you make use of valuable time. You also want to engage with a lot of people so you’re able to grow your network even more. Here is a situation you don’t want to end up in:


Being uninformed

Get up to date with what’s happening around you because you want to bring something meaningful to the conversation. What’s worse than having nothing to talk about and you’re awkwardly looking at your shoes. Yeah don’t let that happen.

Lack of direction

Know your ambitions and what direction you want to go in. Nobody will want to hire somebody that seems wishy-washy about what they want to do with their life or what their aims are. Even if you aren't entirely sure, exude self confidence and have an ambition to tell people. Employers are eager to hire people who have aspirations.

Bad social media

Cleaning up your social media can save you any potential problems with professionals. Whether we like it or not, employers and professionals do rely on social media to get an impression of people. So before you hand out your name, check your social accounts to make sure there is nothing incriminating like your college drinking days on there.

Avoiding these 5 classic mistakes will for sure boost your networking skills. Networking may not come more easily to some, but it's possible to overcome any fears and anxieties you may have by getting out of your comfort zone and jumping in.

Let us in on any networking tips you have!

Hayden DentComment