6 Brilliant Tips When Packing For Your Honeymoon

honeymoon suitcase

We all know how hectic weddings are, especially if it’s your own. All those laborious months of planning, the last minute fixes, the tightly scheduled reception, and after that, you rush right off to your honeymoon (at least, that’s how things usually go.)

Due to how busy everything is, properly packing for your honeymoon can end up being neglected. What could be an otherwise perfect trip might end up as less than that because you forgot, say, your neck pillow, and your idyllic 1-week vacation becomes a pain in the neck.

Luckily, there are ways to prevent that. Here we’ve got several tips that will definitely help you pack better for your honeymoon and ensure a smooth romantic getaway – read on to find out!

1.  Start early and make an organized checklist

checklist organized

When you get the chance to start preparing, prepare! To kick off your packing process, imagine a typical day in your life and make an organized, systemic checklist of all items you’ll use in a day. Visualize the whole process – from waking up in the morning, to brushing your teeth, showering, dressing up and going out… and so on until it’s time to go to bed again. This way, you’ll think of all the things you are going to need.

For example, if you just listed a whole bunch of toiletries you might remember your soap, shampoo, and conditioner, but not the cotton pads you need to wipe off make up at the end of the day! Once you have a list of everything you need in a day, organize it into different categories, like toiletries, clothing, undergarments, accessories, and others. This way, you will have a thorough, systematically thought-out list of items you will need.

2.  Spread out your belongings

spread out luggage

This goes two different ways.

First, if you’re bringing multiple suitcases, make sure each suitcase has some of both you and your spouse’s clothing and other basic necessities. We understand you might prefer to just have all your belongings in one bag and have total command over how you’re going to fill it up, but it’s not strategic. If something unfortunate happens to that suitcase, then one person’s belongings will be completely gone. That’s a real bummer to your trip, right?

Second, remember to spread out the weight of your items between the two suitcases. Look up and remember your baggage weight limit, and strategically pack so that both bags are completely filled and weigh as much as they can be. Spread out the heavy items. If one bag is smaller than the other, chuck small but heavy items in it, to lessen the probability of your larger baggage being overweight. You don’t want to frantically unpack and repack in the middle of the airport floor while strangers watch, right?

3.  Do ALL your research

do your research

You might be used to checking weather forecasts already, but researching goes beyond that. Research to make sure your outfits are area or dress-code appropriate. For example, you might be honeymooning in Rome, Italy, in the middle of July when it will literally feel like the sun is personally trying to set you on fire, but if all you bring are tank-tops and butt-shorts, you won’t be allowed in the most of the gorgeous, 500-year old churches that are spread out all over the ancient city.

In addition to that, wearing flip-flops may tire out your feet faster. Rome is notorious for their uneven roads and this can make walking exhausting. In general, comfortable walking shoes or strappy sandals are advisable.

Knowing all this is important for maximum enjoyment of your honeymoon, so remember to do your research beforehand!

4.  Don’t forget honeymoon treats!

honeymoon treats

Yep, throw in a little fun and magic in that suitcase! Small treats that you can enjoy with your partner like a bubble bath, luxurious bath salts, or a fragrant, glittery bath bomb, can really level- up the ordinary aspects of your trip… like showering. We also think that face and even feet masks deserve space in your luggage.

Since you’re travelling away from home, now might also be a good time to bring all those outfits or accessories you’ve never really gotten the chance to flaunt in your daily life. As long as it is destination and wedding appropriate, we say bring it!

5.  Bring a folder and make copies

honeymoon files

Have all your booking details and confirmation compiled together in one folder. Go even further by arranging all your files chronologically when you’re preparing it all. This will help you make sure you’ve printed everything you need, and ensure a smooth-sailing honeymoon.

Since both of you are responsible for making this a fabulous getaway to remember, make copies for your spouse and put it in their bag (if you guys are bringing more than one suitcase). If one of you played a bigger part in the planning process, make sure to go through the itinerary together before you reach your destination. This will help keep your partner in the loop and make them more aware of everything that is going on. Thus when a hiccup in your journey arises, they know what to do to help!

6.  Last but not least, remember it’s YOUR honeymoon!

honeymoon packing

So don’t let anyone else pack for you! We understand that getting married is stressful, time-consuming, and not at all quick or easy, but honestly, it’s totally worth it to set aside some time to pack your honeymoon bags yourself. You know yourself best – all the stuff you’ll need, your style and preferences, and how you decide to bring or omit several items. There’s nothing worse than unpacking your bags on a vacation you’ve been looking forward to for months now, only to find out that you don’t have that specific bra you need for this dress, or that specific cap you were planning to wear for this super cool outfit.

Pack your bags yourself and make a checklist like we’ve explained in step 1. You’ll be good to go!

You’ve tied the knot and we’re all rooting for you! We want you to have the best honeymoon possible, with an overall positive experience. Avoid possible bumps in the road and make it the romantic getaway of your lifetime by following these 6 tips.

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