6 Ways to Spend Valentine's Day when Baby, It's Cold Outside

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Love is in the air tonight, but so are snowflakes!  Don’t let the cold winter weather stop you from celebrating Valentine’s Day. Even by staying at home, you can still have fun with those you love! Here are some fun Valentine ideas that you can do, all while staying warm. The best part? No matter if it’s Valentine’s or PALentine’s for you, these activities are doable with anyone you’d like – romantically involved or not.

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1. Host a cooking contest, Valentine edition

Have a good old-fashioned cook-off, but with a lovely twist: each person has to incorporate something heart-shaped on their dish! The person with the most heart-shaped elements win. Bonus points if the dish is red/pink colored, more points if they can somehow use chocolate and not wreck the dish! Feel free to add more twists and challenges; just have fun with it!

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2.    Play Guess the (Love) Song

Play the classic ‘Guess the Song’ game with an all-love song playlist and take it to another level by mixing in songs from different decades. Make it even more fun by popping open a bottle of wine and making the one who loses each round drink a glass! Chances are you’ll be wine-drunk before you know it and end up slow-dancing together in the living room to all the love songs, and we know you’re secretly up for that.

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3.  Unwind and relax with a spa date

Treat yourself to a fancier self-care ritual tonight! Pick up some bath bombs, cook up a bubble bath, and slap on rejuvenating face masks. With your loved one(s), sink into the warm, fragrant bath and enjoy. Make your spa session even better by lighting some scented candles and put on a gentle, soothing playlist. You’ll step out the bath feeling 10 years younger!

While these are fantastic ideas on how you could spend a cozy night inside, some people might actually enjoy the cold and instead, want to go out. If you and your partner both thrive in this sub-zero weather, we also have some exciting date ideas where the cold can actually help!

valentine skating.png

1.   Go ice skating

A classic, super cute date idea that will definitely be a good time. Dance around in circles, hold hands, take cute pictures… you know what to do here.

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2.  Try makeshift sledding

The secret to this activity is using food trays or anything else that’s similar enough. Go out and look for snow hills – or any pile of snow that is tall enough for you to slide down from, really.  Just sit on your tray and have fun sliding down!

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3.  Go café-hopping

If you’re looking for a calmer night out, hopping from one café to another would be a great way to spend it! Take romantic strolls while enjoying the crisp, clean air, or maybe the snowfall, and then just when it’s about to get too cold for you, duck into a café and order your favorite warm beverage. Fun. Cozy. Wholesome.

There are so many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in this chilly season, both from the comforts of your own home and not. It all comes down to being with the person you love, so whatever you do, just make sure to have fun with them! It’s their presence that counts anyway, and despite the cold, that should be enough to warm your heart.

What are you doing this Valentine’s day?

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