How to Actually Achieve Your New Year Resolutions

new year resolution.jpg

It’s that time of the year again.

Gym memberships are purchased, planners are flying off the racks, people spend hundreds of dollars on healthy food and pastel highlighters, but just like every other year, motivation only lasts until like… February. In fact, did you know 18% of gym memberships made in January do not even make it past February?

It turns out there are research-backed reasons for this. Most new year resolutions are made like chores or a set of things on a to-do list. For example, lose weight. Start using a planner. Double business revenue. Cut time spent on gaming in half and so on. We believe these things are important to us, so we make them resolutions.

Research has found that most people believe importance and enjoyment are significant factors that help them stick to their resolutions. Truth is, however, enjoyment is the only factor that matters. So what exactly does this mean?

This means that to achieve your new year’s resolution, it has to be something you enjoy. Something you actually want. Something you really wish for.


And we’re not talking about just the idea of it, but the whole process of it too! So maybe instead of making your new year’s resolution something dull like ‘lose weight’, make it something like, ‘discover a holy grail smoothie recipe’ or ‘try making new vegetable-based dishes at home’! Go get yourself a cookbook and have fun with new year resolutions you would actually enjoy achieving.

Now you know how to make new year resolutions that you’ll actualize and not postpone until next year.

Here are some ideas that might inspire you:

  1. Instead of ‘Study more’, tell yourself… Graduate and go on a road trip with friends.

  2. Don’t say ‘Be more active’, try…. Go hiking with friends, or some other outdoor activity that you enjoy.

  3. Stop telling yourself ‘Lose weight’, instead....  Develop a holy grail healthy snack/smoothie/veggie dish recipe. Have fun with it!

  4. Don’t just ‘Travel more’, say…. Go on a road trip, or choose a specific destination you want to visit! The more you think of the place you want to go, the more likely you are to go after it.

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