A Line-up: Our Favourite Toronto National Bridal Show 2019 Vendors

National Bridal Show Vendors

Did you hear who’s hitting the Toronto National Bridal Show on February 1-3, 2019? Kiiah is! And we are pumped!

 As we began preparing for this joyous event, we decided to check out who we’d be showcasing alongside, and oh man, the lineup looks so good this year!

Our Top 5 Line-up

The National Bridal Show will have everything from wedding cake vendors, photographers, to spas and custom engraving services. Out of all the booths, we’ve decided to point out the top five vendors that we are most excited to see:

Vendor Astra Medi Spa

Astra Medispa - Luxury Medical Spa and Special Spa Packages

As your wedding approaches, stress and anticipation will build up and you may start to feel like you’re going crazy. Well, no one wants to deal with a crazy bride, so cure this with a spa day! Take care of your mental and physical wellbeing by treating yourself with Astra Medispa. They’ve got you covered whether it’s physiotherapy, coolsculpting, facials, relaxing massages, and so much more. Check out their website and browse through all the enticing packages they offer. You’re going to want to stop by at this vendor for sure!


Memories Made - Unique, Customized Gifts Only Found Here

Everyone loves something with their name on it, and if you do to, check out Memories Made at the bridal show! All of their products are designed and customized by high quality laser. You can customize all sorts of things to make your day special - from wine glasses to guitar straps! Adding a personal touch to an object can make it the loveliest gift for the bride or groom, or the perfect wedding day decor! Get creative and if you like it, put your name on it!


Irresistible Cakes - GTA’S Oldest and Finest Cakes

If you love cake traditions as much as we do at Kiiah, then you’ll love Irresistible Cakes! With over 50 years of experience, they are the GTA’s most premium and most experienced cake vendor. They also provide customizable cakes you can order for your wedding, bridal shower, or bachelorette. Not only are their cakes gorgeous, but they’re also very delicious to eat! All their cakes are nut, lactose, and trans fat free, which means more guests will be able to enjoy this delicacy. Definitely a booth you’re going to want to stop by at the show.

Sarelle Photos

Sarelle Photos - 10 Colorful Years of Creative Photography

Having an amazing photographer to capture your special day is definitely a must! You want your most cherished memories to be documented perfectly, and really, you deserve nothing less. Lucky for you, guess who is showing up this year at the show? Chris and Samara from Sarelle Photos, and they are amazing! With 10 years of experience, they’ll not only gorgeously capture your big day, but also storytell your wedding so you’ll be able to relive the heartwarming memory over and over again.


Snaptique - Classy and Fun Handcrafted Photobooths

A great way to make your wedding memorable for your guests is to have an epic photo booth -- this is Snaptique’s specialty. They have a variety of backdrops and booth styles to make the day personalized for each the couple. How cool would it be to have a vintage VW as a photobooth? Or a barnwood wall?  Not only that, having printable photos for your guests is a great take home that they can have to remember your special day! Snaptique would certainly make your wedding day memorable, not just for you, but also for all your invitees!

All these vendors offer awesome products and services that are essential for your wedding. You could have them all! All you need to do is make a wish. Now, enter the last vendor worth mentioning:

Kiiah Mockup

 Kiiah - Your limitless gift registry for everything and anything at all!

We are so excited to meet you at our booth! A huge part of weddings are the gifts and we want you to get the most out of a wedding registry. So instead of receiving things you don’t need, direct guests to your Kiiah registry and ensure their gifts to you are put into something that truly matters! Being a fun, social e-gifting platform, Kiiah is the perfect place to list all your wedding wishes. You can use our Wishspace to wish for all the awesome things the above vendors offer! Anything you want, from vintage photo booths to rejuvenating spa treatments, can be yours.

This is just a little taste of what is in store for you at the bridal show this February, you have so much to look forward to! We cannot wait to meet you as you are navigating all the different categories of planning such an important day for you and your loved one!

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