Before You Share

So you’ve made it this far, but the funds aren't rolling in yet. No problem, let’s go through all the important things you need to complete in order for you to most effectively share your Wishspace with friends & family. To accelerate your account from a 2 to a 10, it’s really important to complete all the necessary steps. You won’t be able to share your account until you have made a wish, invitation, thank you message and filled in your banking information. So let’s get started!  

Make your Wishspace amazing

First things first, you need to add wishes to your space! Every time you share your Wishlist, your Contributors can see all of the wishes you’ve make them something worth looking at! Adding pictures and emojis to your wish will increase Contributor engagement and gives them a little flare (PRO TIP: if you’re on a desktop use Emojipedia to get emojis into your messages). When creating your wish remember to think about who your audience is -- this allows you to better cater your wish towards them. If they enjoy jokes, be funny. If they’re boring and serious, be funny anyways!

Computer Create a Wish.png

Create a killer Invite

This is where you can really shine! The first thing your Contributors will receive from you is an email with your invitation, so it’s important to make your first impression a good one. Add a nice picture or video with your invite to highlight the importance of your wish!

Make a meaningful Thank You message

It’s super important to acknowledge your Contributors by making them feel valued and part of this exciting process. Make sure to take a little extra time to create a meaningful Thank You message. Your message is automatically sent to Contributors after they gift towards your wish.

Add the important stuff

This is probably the most important step! If you want to receive your gifted funds, you’re going to need to input your banking info. To set up your direct deposit, you need to log into your online banking account to get your account, transit and branch number. This will allow us to automatically send gifted funds to your account! It’s that simple.


Okay, I know I said the bank info was the most important part, but I think sharing your Wishspace might trump that. You’re not going to receive any contributors without the help of  friends & family. Kiiah gives you the option to use a shareable link (that’s great if you’re wanting to post it on any type of social media), or the option to send your invitation through email. When you invite your Contributors to your Wishspace they will receive the captivating invite you created. The more people you share with, the more contributions you’re going to get!


Happy sharing!

If you need any support throughout the Kiiah process, we have a team waiting to help you out! We want to see your Wishspace be the most successful it can be.