Cash is King!


There is beauty in the act of gifting. I’m talking about the feeling of bringing joy to others through the gifts you share with them, and the happiness you get when you give gifts as well. But did you know that there is a dark side to gifting that many ignore? Yes, believe it or not, gifting can do more harm than good ladies and gents. But cash is the all-time saviour.

Let’s dive into that shall we?

Gifting is a double-edged sword my friends.

Contrary to how it sounds, it’s actually a simple concept. Gifting is stressful for many people. On one hand, we have the giver, who never knows what to buy, therefore ending up with buyer’s anxiety. According to a consumer national survey, 79% of us believe that finding and purchasing the right gifts for people is more stressful than traveling away for the holidays. Shocker!

On the other hand we have the gift receivers who are, more often than not, unhappy with the gifts they receive. Time Magazine states that more than a third of people won’t like the gifts they receive, and that 27% will donate it and 14% will sell them. Wow.


This brings it back to how gifting is a double edged sword. It is frustrating and stressful for both parties, but yet there are more gifting occasions around the corner.

Now you may be asking yourself, “WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT THIS MONSTROSITY?” Well, over enthusiastic reader, there is a solution...CA$H. DOUGH. DOLLA DOLLA BILLS. Yes, money. A simple way to end this problem, is cash.

Think about it, if you told friends and family that you want money this holiday so it can be put towards something you truly value, it would save them from buyer’s anxiety. Additionally, you would be happier with the gift and would not resort to selling, regifting or trashing. It’s a WIN-WIN!

So this holiday season, try it out. #reducestress #increasejoy #winwin

Hayden DentComment