Experiential Gifting

Experiences rule the world of gifting, especially for millennials.

Our society is constantly evolving and as a result, we must adjust our behaviours and attitudes. However, one thing is for sure, experiences beat material items anyday! Especially in regards to gifting.
Here’s some statistical proof, according to a Harris Group Study, 78% of millennials would choose to spend money on an experience or event, over buying something desirable. Can you blame them? Experiences create lasting memories, where stuff gets thrown out eventually.

We have compiled our top five reasons why we think you should always give the gift of experience!

Never lost or forgotten


The great thing about experiences, is that you’re getting something to truly remember. As time goes by material things become less desirable, that’s why we’re drawn to the latest and greatest. It’s the exact opposite with experiences. We grow fonder memories as time goes on. So gift someone something to truly remember and celebrate.

Experience happiness

Experiences come in many forms, could be a concert, a trip, or a party, and the list could go on. When you gift an experience, you’re giving that person something to look forward to, something to get excited about. A material item is short lived and often quickly loses its appeal. Doing things, especially things that are new, gives us an unexplainable joy.

Up your cool factor

Perception is sometimes stronger than reality. It weighs heavily on millenials and others alike to appear successful to their peers. Before millennials, success was defined as working the same job for decades, buying a house, and living a stable life. Today ,societies glorify people who have wild, out-of-the-norm experiences or visit beautiful places. Being associated with really cool experiences, ups your cool factor, making you appear successful. Especially if you’ve shared them on social media. Perhaps one of the reasons people get excited about experience gifts, is the intangible feeling of success.

Experience a new world

Experiential gifts offer opportunities to be re-introduced to the world... For example, a trip is a chance to learn about a new place, experience a different culture, and more. A cooking class offers the opportunity to learn a new fun skill that could develop into a hobby. There are countless creative and fun opportunities to experience the world in a new or different way.


Connects you to each other

The great part about experiential gifting is the person, or the people having a great experience together. You’re able to build deeper connections, and detached from the stresses of life in that moment. In our busy lives it can be hard to get some quality time with your loved ones. So this is a win-win right here.

Kiiah empowers experiential gifting! Giving loved ones the opportunity to learn more about themselves while they experience more of the world.

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