Funding Ideas: 6 Ways to Enjoy Your Honeymoon Without Breaking The Bank


We might have bopped to Jessie J singing ‘we don’t need your money, money, money’ and ‘forget about the priiiice taaag’, but to all the engaged couples out there – is that really true though?!

To the average couple, weddings, including honeymoons, definitely cost a concerning chunk of money. By the time you’ve booked a venue, a caterer, and other ceremonial stuff, the funds left for your honeymoon may be in danger. Some people are now even postponing their honeymoon to make it more affordable! Luckily, there are ways to enjoy your honeymoon without sacrificing your happiness or breaking your bank, and we’ve got them all covered right here.

6 Ways to Enjoy Your Honeymoon Without Breaking The Bank

1. Plan as early as possible

honeymoon planning

Planning your honeymoon way in advance can seriously save you some big bucks. There are many, many tips around cheapest days to fly, best times to book flights, and other money-saving tips when booking a flight. For example, according to Fare Compare, the cheapest day to book a flight is on Tuesday around 3 PM EST, and for international flights, from around 6 months in advance.

Additionally, planning ahead will allow you time to go check out travel fairs or wedding trade shows, where great promotions and freebies are usually offered. Lots of discounted airline seats, hotel packages, and more. When you know where you want to go, you can focus on searching for the best deal for your dream honeymoon destination in mind… and come home with it.

2.  Don’t forget your reward points

Credit card points, airline miles, hotel loyalty points and other reward programs could be the answers to your prayers here!

honeymoon credit card

When choosing a honeymoon destination, keep in mind of hotel loyalty programs you’re a part of, or the airline miles you currently hold, and choose a place where you can utilize them. When you start planning your wedding, use your credit card whenever possible so you can earn points as you go and make the money you spend comes back to you in some form of return.

If you haven’t collected that many points yet, fret not! You can dig around for more economical options and also try non-mainstream honeymoon locations! The Points Guy rounded up some of the lowest-costing destinations – stay at Le Meridien N’Fis in Marrakech, Morocco for 3,000 Starpoints per night, or Sheraton Miraflores in Lima, Peru for 4,000 per night.

And with that said…

3. Consider out-of-the-box honeymoon destinations to save money

honeymoon fund

Popular honeymoon spots like the Maldives definitely know their worth and take advantage of it strategically (but hey, don’t blame them… it’s not like all businesses wouldn’t do the same if provided the opportunity). The result? Epic prices shooting right out of the stratosphere.

If you’re on a budget, consider budget friendly locations that won’t permanently scar your bank account and yourself! For cheaper places under $3500, consider going to Croatia, Belize,  Jamaica, Costa Rica, or Cuba instead and exploring their pristine coastlines, lush forests, or buzzing capital cities. You can also discover other places here!

4. Heard of home-swapping yet?

honeymoon homeswap

Not many have, actually. It is literally what it’s called – you trading homes with a fellow traveler for a period of time. It’s as simple as you staying at their place while they stay at yours for of course, very low fares compared to typical hotels.

If you’re not familiar with it, you might be thinking ‘wow, this is a thing?’ or ‘is that even safe?’ and the answer to both is simply, yes, it is. There are many legitimate websites that facilitate regulated home-swapping, such as,, and more that you can trust.

Sound like an interesting new honeymoon activity to you? Go for it! Don’t forget to browse for tips and advice, as well as home-swap reviews!

5. Set up a honeymoon fund

We know, there’s a lot of debate around whether asking for cash gifts for your wedding is appropriate or not, but we think it’s really okay if you know how to ask tactfully.

One way to set up a honeymoon fund is to provide an actual jar, box, or any other container at your wedding. Guests can drop their monetary gifts directly. Brit+Co showed us some classy ways to ask for money for your honeymoon fund, all with super cute money jars!


However, if you want the money to go directly into your bank account (and not risk getting it stolen during your wedding), then go for an online cash wedding registry where you can create a honeymoon fund. Kiiah definitely works well for this purpose.

With Kiiah, you can easily create a wish for your honeymoon, enter the amount of money you are aiming to raise, and personally invite guests to contribute to it. You can either create one big wish for your whole honeymoon, or several separate smaller ones for the flight, hotel room, dinner for two, etc. The latter actually works better among guests, because they know what their money is going towards specifically!

honeymoon card

6. Use the honeymoon card

And ask for discounts! Trust us, there’s no shame in asking. It could be as simple as “Do you have any special honeymoon promotions or packages for two?”

If this is a returning visit and not your first time here, you can also use that to your advantage. “We’re on our honeymoon and we actually came back here because we love this place so much! Do you have any special promotions for us?” Some hotels may happily give you a free upgrade, complimentary breakfast, or other perks. Enjoy!

Remember, there are many ways to fund your honeymoon, or at least, save funds for it. These our top 6 ways to enjoy your honeymoon without breaking your bank, which one was your favourite? Let us know!