Gifting Guide

Gifting can get pretty tricky -- especially when the person you’re buying for says they don’t want anything. How many times have you heard that? Obviously you’re still a good friend and are going to get them something, the process is just a bit more challenging.

Trust me, we have all been there.

What do you do in circumstances like this? Do you risk buying that sweater that they might like, but obviously don’t need? Or what about the boring gift card that basically says “I’m not creative or exciting”? Yeah, the struggle is real.

Here at Kiiah, we have seen this problem close up and have discovered a few solutions on how to combat it.

Experience Gifts

Our number 1 suggestion is to give them an experience. Something they will remember and cherish. This could be as simple as taking them out for dinner or as extravagant as taking them on a trip. Whatever the case is, it takes effort to think about what they would like to experience and then executing it. It’s also more exciting to get an experience over useless stuff


Practical Gifts

You might have those people in your life, that truly don’t want gifts. They believe they don’t need anything… but that’s not true. What these people actually want, is something that contributes to their daily life. It doesn’t need to be fun or fancy, just practical, they may be perfectly happy with a fan or some new window wipers. If that’s the case, then practically help them out. Take notice if they complain about something, maybe they don’t like the way their tea kettle is working. Well in that case, consider buying them a new one!


Charity Gifts

There will also be those people in your life that actually don’t need/want anything because they can buy whatever they want without batting an eyelash. These people may be some of the toughest to buy for! Consider donating to a charity in their honour. Many get satisfaction in knowing that they’re making an impact on someone else's life. 

charity gift.jpeg

Whether it be experience, practical or charity gifts, Kiiah is a great platform to accomplish all these types of gifting. Kiiah lets you set up a Wish Space with any dream or aspiration in it. Once your Wish is created you can invite contributors to help pitch in to make that wish come true. It’s much more meaningful to create a wish space for your friend, with the specific thing you want to gift on the platform. For example, maybe they have always wanted to experience a trip to China but never had the funds to go. You could create a wish space for them and invite other people to help fulfill this wish as well. That way when you present it to your friend it will be in one place with either a picture or video of what the gift is.

Gifting shouldn’t be as difficult as we make it out to be, that’s why Kiiah is here to reimagine the way we gift.

We would love to hear your gifting ideas! Please comment below!