How to Have "The Talk..."

...don’t worry, not "the talk" you're thinking of. 

Money isn’t always an exciting subject, especially when it’s all being funelled towards bills. Many students know the feeling of asking for financial help, and have been there at some point or another.

For that reason, we have compiled some of the best advice to approach the ‘money talk’ with your family and friends, so listen up!

1. Don’t beat around the bush

The worst thing you can do is be indirect. Nine times out of ten people can tell what you’re doing, so just be straightforward and honest about what you’re asking for. If you go into the situation thinking they’re going to say no, then you probably need to re-evaluate who you’re asking, so put your confidence-pants on and just do it!

2. Let them know the end goal

Share some detail about what you’re asking for and why. People are less likely to help you out if they don’t know the details. So tell them WHY you would like what you are asking for, and chances are you’ll be more successful. Pro tip:visual representation, like pictures, really help!

3. Get feedback

When you’re asking for funds, be open to opinions about the best way to achieve your goal. Giving advice makes people feel like they are a part of the process, and not just an ATM machine. In addition to collaborating with those involved in your process, you should be open to different approaches to reaching your goals.  

4. It’s all about timing

Be logical about when you’re asking for help. It’s a good idea to choose days when people are in good moods and in the right headspace! If you know your parent is really upset about something today, then it might not be the best time to ask.

5. No pressure

Before you start asking your family or friends for money, start the conversation off lightly. Let them know that there isn’t any pressure. Sometimes by letting them know they don’t have to give an answer right away can relieves some of the stress. Also, always be careful you’re not nagging someone to give towards you.

6. Show gratitude

People like to feel appreciated. Especially if they’ve done something really nice for you. So if your parents decide to help you out, don’t take their generosity for granted.

Have you ever heard of cognitive dissonance? In simpler terms, it means buyers regret. When someone spends a lot of cash (or in this instance, gives money to their kids),, they might start to overthink or even regret their decision. For example, real estate agents tend to visit their clients after they purchase a new home. They do this to maintain the hype of their new home after they have signed the papers -- ultimately reducing the chance of buyers regret. We aren’t saying everyone is going to have cognitive dissonance, but regardless it’s still important to reaffirm how great of a decision it was for your parents to help you out.

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