How to Plan Your Own Wedding Like a Pro


They got down on one knee, popped the big question, and you said yes.

Congratulations, you are now engaged! Now the next big thing floating in everyone’s mind is, of course, the wedding. When will it be? Where? Who’s going to be invited?!

Chances are, even the engaged couple doesn’t know yet. Wedding planning can seem like an extremely daunting task that many might not know where to begin! As a result, most couples resort to hiring a wedding planner, adding to the total cost of the wedding which can already be overwhelming enough even without a planner.

However, with the right guidelines, planning your own wedding yourself (without a planner) IS possible. What you need is a complete checklist of everything you need to get ready, and lucky for you, we’ve got one right here!

Save this free checklist below and use it as a guide when planning your own wedding. Be your own boss and plan your own wedding like a pro!

The wedding planning checklist

wedding planning checklist.png

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