How to Word Your Cash Wedding Registry Tactfully


The months leading up to your wedding can be some of the most exciting yet stressful months of your life. There are just so many things to nail down - from booking the venue, entertainment, catering, and basically a million things more. And while you take care of that, you’ve got to make sure that you don’t break your bank paying for your wedding, because holy smokes, they can be expensive!

writing a gift registry

Perhaps one of the more exciting parts of wedding planning is creating a wedding registry. Today, there are many different types of registries, from traditional ones for household items, niche ones like a wine registry, and the modern cash registry that of course, we’d recommend.

The persistent problem with cash registries is that there’s an attached stigma to it. Are cash registries tacky? Or are they perfectly acceptable?

Well, it really depends on how you word it, share it with your guests, and then follow-up!

So how do you tactfully write a cash wedding registry?

The truth is, there’s not one ultimate, gospel line that has been proven to appeal to guests 100% of the time (or if there is, no one knows what it is yet). What exists, however, is a winning formula – a structure, a combination of things you should and should not do, to make your wedding fund wording compelling to your guests.

cash registry poem

1.  If you’re not a poet, don’t push it.

What’s worse than a forced, poorly written poem? A template poem you clearly copy-pasted off Google.

If you can’t come up with a brilliant, original poem yourself, rest assured that you’re not the only one. There are thousands, if not millions, of other couples out there trying to find a way to word their registry and ending up taking poems from the internet. Short, sweet poems can be a delight to your guests, but they can also come off as unoriginal and lazy when it’s one that sounds generic, or one they’ve seen before.

cash registry heart

2.  Write from your heart

The key to wording your registry is to write from your heart. Be honest to your guests, what is this cash registry for? What is the motivation behind it – or what are you going to use it for? Is it because you already have a functioning toaster, or is what you’re really needing right now is funds for a new house?

If the bottom line is that you are basically asking for money, it’s in your best interest to be specific and genuine. Tell them all about how much this dream honeymoon trip means to you, or how happy a contribution to your new home fund will make the two of you. Remember, you want to move your guests’ hearts and earn their favour!

cash registry voice.jpg

3.  Let your voice shine through

While we’ve talked about writing genuinely in the point above, it is also important to remember to write in your unique voice. Insert yourself, add a personal touch, sense of humor, or flair, so that it is recognizable that it’s you!

While it is helpful to browse for inspiration, be careful to not copy down too much, such that you take the author of that blogpost’s tone as well. If it does not sound like you, change it. This is just like how we said a template poem is a big no. Make sure everything sounds authentic and like you speaking directly to your guests.

cash registry explain.jpg

4.  Not everyone might know what a cash registry/fund is

To all the pearl-clutching grandma’s, cash registries may be a new (and possibly absurd) concept! In your wording, allow a short line to explain what this registry or fund is. It doesn’t even have to exceed a sentence – something like, “gifts will be used towards our [honeymoon/new house/something else]. See how some suggest to do it here!

cash registry gifts.jpg

5.  Last but not least putting it on your invitation is a no-no!

Why? Because your invitation’s purpose is just to tell guests that you wish for their presence at your wedding and strictly nothing else! It is decidedly tacky to say that you are expecting gifts on what should just be an invite, and even more demanding to say that you just want cash.

So instead, list it on your wedding website, or get the help of some of your closest friends and family to spread the word for you. If somebody asks where you are registered, get your bridesmaid or groomsmen or close family relation to say something along the lines of, “The happy couple is saving for a honeymoon! Here is their registry fund…”

Remember, it is also crucial to prepare your messengers with something to say beforehand. Afterall, you don’t want them to just end up blurting out, “Oh, all they really want is cash!”

Bonus tip: After you’ve worded it out perfectly, don’t forget to say thank you!

kiiah wishspace mockup 1.png

Writing a thank you message to those who have helped you on your wedding journey is not to be forgotten! It is important to write a sincere, heartfelt thank you too (but don’t go over and make it sound meaningless). Now, you might be thinking… keeping track of everyone who has gifted you and sending them a thank you each is so much work!

Well, when you register with Kiiah, we’ll automatically send out your thank-you’s for you! Every time someone contributes to your wish/fund, they will automatically receive a Thank You message where you can insert a picture, video, and paragraph about how happy their gift has made you. That will surely put a smile on their face!

Learn more about what else you can do on Kiiah when you give it a try! It’s easy to create wishes, send an invite, and send thank-you messages.

Up for the challenge now? Grab a pen and a piece of paper (or rather, open up your laptop), and start writing! Have fun!