Kiiah vs. Crowdfunding

Often times we are struck with the question, “is Kiiah a crowdfunding site?”. We pride ourselves with the fact that we are are not. Don’t get us wrong, crowdfunding sites are great and they serve a very important purpose, but there are several platforms that already exist for that. With that, we want to share some of our really cool features that set us apart from the whole crowdfunding market.  

Crowdfunding is the system in which you create a goal and you publicly share on social media or on the crowdfunding site and anyone can donate to your cause.



The most obvious differentiator about Kiiah, is the private and exclusive factor. Crowdfunding platforms open your space to the public when both familiar and unfamiliar folk can view it. Kiiah prides itself in connecting family and friends together, not the whole world. Your wish space is exclusive to those you’ve invited.

Multiple Wishes

Kiiah gives you the ease to make as many, or few, wishes as you want! This allows you to be more specific with your goals. For instance, you could wish for a trip to Europe, as well as an education fund. Anything is possible! Crowdfunding sites often limit the number of campaigns you can have on the go.

Experiential Gifting Focus

Billions of dollars are wasted each year on unwanted gifts at Christmas time alone. Consider how much dollars are wasted on other gifting occasions, every day of the year and in different parts of the world. Hence why we put a lot of emphasis on experiential gifting, and gifts that help fulfill meaning goals and aspirations.. We understand the value in gifts that last forever, and nothing sticks like memories of your experiences. Kiiah is more than just a transactional platform.


Kiiah is a gifting platform that fits with your unique life journey.. The gifting doesn’t have to end when your birthday is over. We care about the small and big details of your life. That is why wishers can customize their Wishspace, invitation and thank you messages! Get creative with different GIF’s emojis, videos, and so much more! We care about your experience on Kiiah, and that is why we have created a platform to empower your wishes and make it a lot of fun to give and receive!

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