Learn from us! We've launched twice.


Launch season is one of the most exciting and stressful times in any startup company. Here at Kiiah, we faced quite a few bumps in the road leading up to our launch.

It has been the most challenging, but also the most valuable season for our company.

We learned an incredible amount through the whole process of our closed beta launch in April. We received great feedback and decided to return to the drawing board and create a better user experience.

20180801_104057 (1).jpg

When we closed Kiiah to rework the platform, we discovered some major gaps within our team. Yes, in a startup everyone wears multiple hats but we realized we had to expand our team if we wanted to hit the ground running. In doing so, we saw our team grow from five to eight people within a short period. In our CEO, Hayden Dent’s words “to create something extraordinary, it requires the extraordinary effort of not “I “ but “we”. We had to become a team that listened, learned, debated, and worked together better.

These past months leading up to our second launch, were some of the toughest. Long days and nights for many team members. We reached our launch date of August 15, 2018, but the journey is not near over.

A major difference between this launch and our closed beta is our mindset. Yes we have changed the flow and aesthetic on our platform to make it a much better experience for our users, but more importantly we have shifted our whole attitude. Our first launch we walked in thinking, nothing could go wrong and that Kiiah was perfect.

Let’s just say, we have never been more wrong!

This launch we walked in with the mindset of, we have come so far, but we want to continue to get feedback so we can continuously improve Kiiah. For this reason, we are calling our first users “early adopters” because we want to give them the opportunity to have their opinions heard. Our first priority is user experience, so we take very seriously the feedback we receive. User feedback is more valuable than any assumptions we make.

If you’re interested in becoming an early adopter and being a part of Kiiah’s growth, today is the day to sign up!