Make Your Kiiah Wishspace Amazing

Desktop_Wishspace-Full (2).png

To create a winning Kiiah profile, you’re going to need to know some basic tips to get the most out of your account. Our favourite thing about Kiiah is how personable and meaningful you can make your Wishspace.

As a Kiiah user, you feel more connected to your friend’s and family because their gifted funds go towards something important to you. From the contributor side of Kiiah, it doesn’t feel like you’re making a transaction when you give to someone’s wish, rather, it feels as though you are a part of someone’s life journey.

Now let’s dig in on how to optimize your Wishspace!

Choose a quality photo to feature your wish

A picture speaks a thousand words. Like seriously, it really does! When choosing your feature photo, choose a high quality photo that spotlights your wish. Why not showcase one of the exciting activities your planning to do on your trip to Europe? Make your friends and family feel like part of the adventure.

Take note of the “Checklist”

Something very convenient and especially loved by all the “list-makers” out there, is the “Checklist.” The Checklist will cross off each completed step as you move towards sharing your wish.  This guide helps you through all the necessary steps, making the whole experience more enjoyable for you. Trust me, it’s helpful!

Don’t have five hundred wishes in your Wishspace

 know it can be tempting to wish for each and every thing, but only make wishes that your contributors will want to give towards. For example, if you have thirty wishes for small items it can be annoying for the contributor to give towards five small things instead of one large one. It’s best to group wishes together or raise funds towards larger, more meaningful wishes.


Engage your contributors

Now to engage your contributors, it’s important to make the wish descriptions sound like you. The worst thing you can do is add a whole pile of jargon or unnecessary detail that no one will want to read through -- let alone give towards. Make them simple but fun -- this is your time to shine! You could make your wish descriptions funny or serious, but always remember who your audience is. This will help you cater your descriptions towards them and furthermore maximize your Kiiah account.

These are just a few things we have learned that work well to optimize our accounts, if you have any helpful tips on tricks that you have found work really well, we would love to hear them! Please comment below.