Oh You're a Student? Let Your Friends & Family Help Fuel Your Dreams

Before you decide to embark upon student life it’s important to note that you’re going to end up learning a lot more than just your degree! For some, it’s the first initiation into the world of responsibilities and adulting. This can automatically put you into the art of resourcefulness when the funds are low. If you're lucky, you have family and friends around who are eager to provide support during times of crisis. It's an all to common situation to find yourself scraping by and saving for just the basics. So I’m here to give you some useful advice on how to get some monetary gifts from your loved ones.

School isn’t Cheap

At the start of every semester there seems to be an unending list of reading materials and other necessities that are mandatory for the year. Footing the bill for the books alone will set you back a few hundred dollars.

If you don’t live with your parents, renting is also a factor to account for in expenses. If you do live with your parents, this could mean that a large chunk of your money goes towards transportation because commuting isn’t cheap. Sometimes there isn't a specific reason for you to need money – you're just flat broke! Student loans usually come in staggered amounts and sometimes there are incidents that you don’t think to account for.

You are probably excited to hear how it is you can get your family and friends to support your cause. This is where it’s important to maintain a good relationship with loved ones. Keeping connected and involved in their lives means that assistance is more available when you’re in a sticky situation.

Solution to your problems

When you have a moment, create an account with Kiiah. Kiiah is a platform that allows you to privately share both immediate and long term needs with any group, and receive gifted funds towards those needs. You might have 99 problems, but Kiiah won’t be one of them. With this platform you can create and personalize your wish space, and say thank you to every sender that gives to your need.

You may also decide to take advantage of gifting occasions/seasons, such as birthday or Christmas and have friends and family gift money towards your university/college needs.  It’ll save both you and your loved ones a lot of stress and hassle from trying to figure out what you’d like for a present. You’ll be asking for gifted funds towards often overlooked necessities.

Put simply, this isn't about 'begging' your family for a 'free ride' but simply bringing awareness to financial issues that all too often stress out the student life. If you’re honest about what the money is for, then people are often more keen to help.

What better way to get started than signing up with Kiiah today? With just a few clicks, your needs are expressed for all to give towards. The last thing you need is unwanted junk. So become an early adopter today!