Our CEO is a Winner!

We are so proud of our CEO Hayden, for winning Wise 50/50 Award!

Before Hayden Dent started Kiiah, he was the President of LumaLogix Corporation for over twenty-two years. He began Kiiah in order to create a business that was more meaningful, and to fulfill his passion for entrepreneurship. Hayden began this startup endeavour at the age of 54, after receiving random gifts and gift cards that continually went unused. Kiiah can be used at every birthday and gifting occasion to fund dreams, goals and aspirations.  

Hayden’s passion and drive for continual learning is no doubt what continues to fuel him in this new business venture. Before joining the startup tech world, he decided to put himself through Entrepreneurship 101, to build a stronger understanding of entrepreneurship fundamentals.


Along with acquiring the necessary skills to be successful entrepreneur, Hayden was provided with hands on experience on how to create a strong business plan. He recognized that a very important aspect of building a successful business is building an exceptional team, and has done an exceptional job so far of fostering a team environment grounded in collaboration, respect and openness.  

Kiiah’s engagement continues to expand, we are providing a number of students with marketing opportunities and startup experience within the community. Consequently, our user base is growing--as individuals continue to see the value in more meaningful gifting. We are continuing to implement new features and functions into the Kiiah platform, and will soon be expanding to more countries.