Our National Bridal Show Weekend


Hey National Bridal Show, we had a blast!

One exhibition hall. Three festive days. Many appealing vendors, all worth checking out! From wedding cakes and non-alcoholic beer to handmade pottery, ring cleaning products and your one registry for anything and everything (that’s Kiiah!), the Toronto National Bridal Show 2019 offers it all! Over the weekend, our team chatted with hundreds of these visitors and learned so much about engaged couples and their hopes and aspirations for their wedding.

wedding planning.png

These days, many couples plan for their wedding way ahead of time - we had quite a few visitors whose wedding dates weren’t until the later months of 2020! They were collecting ideas of what they envisioned for their future wedding. We asked many if they had already thought of registering. Most of them hadn’t, however, many also said that they really just want cash. Without them knowing, they’d walked right into the perfect booth for that! Being an e-gifting platform that isn’t attached to any vendors or stores, they can create a wish for anything on Kiiah, share with friends and families, and receive funds directly in their bank account. They even have the opportunity to try it out for other occasions before they tie the knot!

Interestingly enough, wanting cash as wedding gifts is not uncommon at all. Many couples have openly stated that they are expecting gifts in the form of cash because it would really help a lot more than receiving another set of plates or even worse… a toaster. “What would I use the fourth toaster for?!!” One cried in exasperation.

Couple wedding planning

Some others had not considered it, but when asked about what they need for their wedding, they often admitted that money for their honeymoon or new house would be beyond great. They realized that maybe, in addition to the conventional registries, setting up a way their guests could gift funds could be beneficial. We gladly explained that Kiiah could be a suitable, fun, and social way to do that!

We also hit jackpot a few times when couples walked in wondering what we are and, once we explained, exclaimed, “Oh perfect! I just want a registry that’s not connected to stores so I can list anything I want!” For those who want unlimited freedom and creativity in listing wedding gifts, Kiiah is the way to go for sure!

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The tradeshow buzzed with the hopeful energy of bride-to-be’s, her friends and family, wedding planners, future grooms, engaged couples that came together, and young children roaming all over the place with a free sample in hand. So many different people, but all with the same end goal in mind: plan the perfect wedding. It was a delight for Kiiah to be part of the excitement!

If you received a special Kiiah Rewards Card, don’t forget to sign up and use the code on the back of the card - we might just help bring that dream wedding to life.