Relax, Asking for Money as Your Wedding Gift Is Not Always Tacky!

cash wedding gifts

A wise soon-to-be bride once said, “To be honest, I just want cash!!!

In a generation where most young couples ‘test the waters’ and start living together before marriage, they’ve probably amassed enough household items already. Unfortunately, in today’s economy, not only do they have a toaster, blender, linen sheets, and ceramic plates, they also often have crippling student debt and a mortgage loan! That’s why, as the wise bride said, what most engaged couples really want deep down is as simple as cash. The issue is, is it… appropriate? How does one ask for cash gifts at their wedding without being rude or tacky?

So is asking for money as wedding gifts tacky?

The first thing to always remember is that saying you prefer money for your wedding gift is not necessarily the tacky part. This depends on the perspective of the person you are talking to, as the prevailing social norm is receiving physical gifts for your wedding. Instead, what’s truly tacky is demanding gifts from guests and trying to soak up as much as possible from them. Keeping that in mind, asking for money can be not tacky if you do it right. Now to do it right, you need to do it subtly. In fact, you need to do it without even saying it at all.  

So what should you do - or not do?

The Word ‘Cash’ on Your Invitation? No.

The most important thing to stay away from is to openly ask for cash. Do not state that you are expecting wedding gifts in the form of donation on your invitation. In doing so, it implies that guests are required give you a present and as mentioned already, that’s tacky. The purpose of an invitation is to tell someone you want them to be present on your special day, and it should just stay as that. Adding that you’re expecting or would like a specific gift? Tacky.

help from friends

Strategic Help from Closest Invitees? Yes.

So one of the ways you could convey this to your guests more tactfully is by telling your closest invitees - immediate family, close friends, and other relations that you know well enough to explicitly tell that you prefer money. Other guests should know to ask these key people for your registry information, and these people should be prepared to tell them that the happy couple is saving up for a house, a honeymoon, or something similar. Be sure to tell them some key things they could say, because you don’t want them to end up saying “The happy couple just wants cash!” either!

A Wishlist on Kiiah? BIG YES.

Another subtle way to express your preference for cash gifts would be to build a wishlist of what you need, instead of a gift registry of items. When guests ask your key invites about your registry, they can tell them about your wishlist instead. Kiiah provides a great wish-making space where you can create unlimited wishes, add pictures, a description, and share with people closest to heart. You can wish for things beyond typical wish registry objects; you can tell people about your dream honeymoon or new home!

Of course, when you create your wish and invite, you need to make sure that the wording isn’t tacky. Our advice is to be genuine about your reasons, sincere about what you’re asking for, and ready to explain how cash gift registries work to guests who are unfamiliar. We call this our winning formula for tactfully wording a cash gift registry!

cash wedding registry

Allow closest invites to share this with inquiring guests and they have the opportunity to help make all this come true. Better yet, your wishes on Kiiah will never expire! Begin creating Wishes today and let’s all embrace the art of asking for money subtly, tactfully, and creatively with Kiiah.