Wedding Registry Inspiration for Couples that Love to Travel


…And How to Build One

These days, more and more millennial couples are opting to register for cash instead of textbook wedding gifts – household items. No, what young couples want now is different. They want funds – funds to pay off their wedding, buy a new house, live their dream honeymoon vacation, and just... travel.

After all, who doesn’t love the idea of an adventure with their significant other? Exploring exotic new places? Watching parts of the world you used to imagine actually unfold before your eyes?

If you’re engaged and that sounds like you, then good news! You can use your wedding registry to fuel your travel dreams and aspirations. And not only that, in this blog post, we’ll also show you just exactly how.

kiiah honeymoon fund.png

1.  Create a honeymoon fund

First and foremost, ditch registering where you are confined to picking out decorative pillows and casserole dishes from specific vendors. Register somewhere where you can create your own honeymoon fund however you want to, like Kiiah!

Whether it’s a scenic trip to admire the beautiful landscapes of Lucerne, Switzerland, or an upbeat and culture-rich journey to Tokyo, Japan, you can set up a fund for your dream honeymoon with Kiiah.

On our easy-to-use and social-rich platform, simply create a wish for your honeymoon. Write a brief description about it, which could be a short description of the trip, why you really want it, and how much it means to you. Input how much your end goal is, or set the amount to infinite to keep the blessings flowing!

Afterwards, create a personalized invitation that you can send out to guests to invite them to contribute to your fund. With everything done online, it’s super easy and hassle-free! No decorated jars, envelopes, and wads of physical cash needed.

2.  Request specific experiences

honeymoon fund.png

It has been found that couples who register smaller events or experiences receive more support than those that just set up a general honeymoon fund. If you have any idea about what you want to do for your honeymoon, set up a fund for that!

On Kiiah, you can create multiple wishes – one for each experience you want on your honeymoon – and as many as you like. For example, if you’re planning to go to Bali, make a wish for that luxurious couple spa treatment, another one for a deep sea diving adventure, and maybe even a third for a romantic cliff-top dinner at sunset! All these wishes will be on your Wishlist.

So go ahead! Wish for that northern lights chasing tour in Finland, a wine-tasting tour in Italy, or the helicopter ride of a lifetime over the lush forests, crystal clear lakes, and gorgeous landscapes of Banff National Park. Browse more inspiration here.

3.  Gear up!

travel gear camera

What? You want to travel but don’t have the durable luggage set you need? Or that waterproof, hands-free, action camera you’ll definitely need when you’re swimming past schools of fish?

On Kiiah, you can definitely wish for tangible objects too. Got an SLR camera that you’d LOVE to shoot the lush valleys of Austria with? Nudge your guests for some help! Just like the process we’ve explained above, create a wish for camera, write a brief description of why you’re wishing for it, and input the price of it!

Not sure what other travel gear you’ll need? Check out this list of brilliant travel accessories that will definitely come in handy!


4.  Don’t forget, you also need transport and accommodation!

Transport tickets and the accommodation will easily take up a sweet chunk of your honeymoon budget. If you’ve got the travel bug and are thinking of using your wedding registry to help make your dream honeymoon come true, then why not set up a fund for your transport tickets and/or accommodation? It’s something that is crucial for your honeymoon, so guests might understand the need for this better.

Similar to how you can wish for certain experiences on your honeymoon, you can also create a wish for your plan tickets or hotel stay. On our platform, add a picture, a brief description, and the amount that you are aiming for. That flight to sunny Cambodia or that villa in Thailand awaits!

Next Steps to Building Your Registry

Now, we’ve talked a lot about creating wishes for your dream honeymoon experience, travel gear, and even your travel essentials like plane tickets and hotel bookings. But that’s just the first step of building your registry! What’s next, you ask?

To make your wishes come true, you still need to create an invitation, a thank-you message, and set up your account info. Once done, share your invitation with all your guests so that they can contribute to your wishes.

Sharing your invitation with your guests will allow them to view your wishes and contribute. If you already have your account set up, all you have to do is wait, the funds will land directly in your bank account!

travel earth

It’s that easy to use your wedding gift registry to fulfill your travel dreams, especially when you do it with Kiiah. Do you love to travel? What are some travel essentials that you still need, and would really appreciate if gifted?