What Summer Experience Are You?

Here at Kiiah, we are strong advocates for gaining new experiences over collecting a bunch of useless stuff. That’s why we want to get you all hyped up for summer with our fun quiz to figure out what summer experience best describes your personality!

For each question choose the answer that best describes you. At the end, tally up your answers and take a look at the results.


  1. You enjoy soaking up the sun on a warm day

  2. You’re the first person to jump on a roller coaster

  3. You know all the best hiking spots in your area


  1. You get excited when you feel sand between your toes

  2. You like to take risks

  3. You use to have a bug or rock collection… and maybe still do


  1. A picnic lunch on a blanket sounds perfect

  2. There's no sitting still in meetings

  3. Taking on nature’s challenges excite you


  1. You have a beach towel that matches your personality

  2. You say yes way more than no

  3. You know how to start a fire without any matches


  1. You consider tanning a sport

  2. The idea of skydiving doesn't make you wet your pants

  3. You’re the friend that people would choose to be stranded on an island with


  1. You enjoy just sitting and chatting with friends

  2. You often invite your friends to high energy activities

  3. You like to spend time outdoors with your friends


  1. You have been called a fish because you like swimming so much

  2. You’re not afraid of heights

  3. You love watching sunrises and sunsets


  1. You enjoy finding new beaches to check out

  2. You feel energized when you’re about to conquer your fears

  3. You’re often deep in thought


  1. Your Instagram is full of sunsets and group shots by the water

  2. You always have travel plans

  3. You have mastered the art of getting lost and finding your way back


  1. You have a flip flop problem

  2. You act first, think later

  3. Roughin’ it on a camping trip is the norm

Now tally up your answers and take a look to see what category you scored highest in!

If you answered mostly A, then you’re the BEACH BUM.

It’s evident that you enjoy spending quality time with your closest friends while soaking up the sun. Take this insight and try discovering some more beaches or watering holes this summer! Ever heard if the Elora Quarry? It’s a hidden gem that captures the beauty of Ontario -- you have to check it out. Pack a lunch, grab some friends, turn up your jams and find a place by the water.

If you answered mostly B, then you’re the THRILL SEEKER.


The sound of adventure is constantly calling your name. People think you’re completely crazy but you kinda enjoy that. This summer you definitely need a new adventure to keep you busy or you’re going to go mad. My suggestion, go to Toronto and try the Tower Edge Walk. You can literally walk around the building, from the outside! How terrifyingly perfect is that?


If you answered mostly C, then you’re the WILDERNESS JUNKIE.


The outdoors is where you spend most of your time, that’s your element, your safe place. Fresh air and nature is what you do to survive the mundane life. This summer you should take advantage of the nice weather (rain or shine you’re always outdoors), and backpack to somewhere across the ocean with the $300 backpacking gear challenge. It’s time to take your outdoorsiness to the next level.

Comment below your results and what you’re going to do this summer! We would love to hear from you.