Frequently Asked Questions

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There are just three simple steps to set-up your private and personal Kiiah account:

  • Create - Wishes and add a photo, title, and description for each one.

  • Share - Your Wishlist however you like. Invite your friends and family to view by sharing a secure link, importing contacts, or adding contacts manually.

  • Enjoy - Your contributions. You will receive a notification each time a contribution is made to your wish.


How is Kiiah different from traditional gift registries?

  • Limitless - Fund short and long-term goals like travel, continuing your education, or even your new startup venture.

  • Supported in three whole countries - Kiiah can be used all over Canada, USA, and Mexico.

  • Social - Send personalized Thank You messages with photos, all organized within the Kiiah platform.

  • Simple Pricing - One single uncomplicated processing fee. No other charges or subscription payments.


How is Kiiah different from crowdfunding platforms?

  • Exclusivity - Contributors receive a secure link to view a Wisher’s Wishspace from an invitation that they send. Therefore, a Wishpace is only viewable via a secure link.

  • Privacy – All Kiiah accounts are hidden from search engine indexing. Your personal Wishlist will not pop up in a Google search.

  • Philosophy - Kiiah is about redirecting funds that would have otherwise been spent on typical gifts and random gift cards, towards more meaningful gifts that align with your stage-of-life goals.

  • Limitations - With Kiiah you can post an endless amount of wishes at any time with no expiry date.


What is WePay?

WePay is an online payment service provider for business platforms. It provides secure, integrated, and seamless payments to platforms and also offers fraud and risk protection through its proprietary risk prevention system. Based in Redwood City, California, WePay is a company under parent organization JPMorgan Chase.

Is your money and personal information safe and secure with Kiiah?

Yes. In partnership with WePay, Kiiah runs security features and functions equal to that of the banking industry and other payment gateways like PayPal.

cyber security.png

How do I know when someone makes a contribution?

You will be notified by email each time you receive a contribution towards your wishes on Kiiah. Whenever someone makes a contribution, they will also automatically receive the Thank You message you’ve created on the platform.

What happens if I need to give a refund?

As funds will be received by Wishers automatically through WePay, the method for refunds is entirely between Contributor and Recipient. Kiiah cannot process refunds.

How long will it take for a gift contribution to be deposited into my bank account?

Contributions you receive will be first deposited into your WePay account. It will then be automatically transferred to your bank account within 2-5 business days. This time frame is WePay’s processing time which Kiiah has no influence over.


How much does it cost to register an account on Kiiah?

There is no fee to sign up for an account on Kiiah.

Can I change my wishes after they are published?

Yes. You can change the photo, description, title, and value of your wishes at any time. Any previously shared link will remain the same, so no need to resend your invitation.


Across how many countries does Kiiah operate?

Currently, Kiiah functions in 3 countries: Canada, USA, and Mexico. However, we are working diligently to accommodate gifting across 25 countries and support 125 currencies.


Do Contributors need to create a Kiiah account in order to contribute?

No. The link embedded within a Wisher’s invitation connects Contributors directly to their private space. Signup or Login is not required.


Is there a limit on the contribution amount that I can set up and receive?

There is no limit on how much contributions you can receive on Kiiah. However, there are limits set by international organizations, banks, and governments that are beyond Kiiah’s control.


Can Contributors give privately?

Yes. However, an email address is required for a Contributor to make a contribution. Only the Wisher will be able to view the list of Contributors.


Does it cost anything to make a contribution?

As a Contributor, there is no additional fee. A transparent processing fee of 5.95% will be removed from the contribution before being sent to the Wisher. This small fee generates revenue to our fabulous team and allows us to continuously improve the Kiiah platform. When possible, we plan to reduce the percentage charged as our user numbers grow.


Can someone make a contribution via phone?

No, sorry, Kiiah does not support this function. Everything must be done through our online platform.

Will my Contributors be able to write me a message?

Yes. Contributors have the option to send you a Well-wish message and photo. You’ll get notified by email whenever you receive one and you’ll be able to view these messages in your Kiiah inbox.


Can I thank my Contributors with a personalized message?

Yes. You will be able to create a personal Thank You message that will be sent each time you are gifted.


How do I close my account?

We have a ‘Delete Account’ option in the My Account tab. Simply press ‘Delete’ to close your account, or you can send a direct request to Please note that deleting your account is permanent.


Can the general public see my personal Kiiah registry?

No. Unlike crowdfunding platforms, Kiiah is a social-circle and invitation only platform. There is only one way to gain access to your Wishlist, and that is via your direct invitation sent through email, which contains a randomized 36-character (alpha + numeric + symbols) link.

Is there a Kiiah App?

No. Kiiah is a responsive web platform.


Why did Kiiah choose a platform over an app?

Kiiah has chosen to operate on a platform because it is compatible with all mobile devices, and be used on desktops/laptops as well.


Why can I not use the video recording feature on Kiiah?

When using Safari as your browser, the video recording feature is unavailable. Please record the video elsewhere and choose the ‘Upload a Video’ option. Another alternative is to switch browsers to either Google Chrome or Firefox and you will be able to record the video directly on our platform.

Video file formats accepted: .ogg, .webm, .mp4, .mov, .mpeg

Please note that Safari users can only upload .mov and Chrome users cannot upload .mov.