How does Kiiah work?

These are three easy steps to creating a Kiiah gift registry:

  1. Create your personalized gifting occasion: personalize it with photos, messages and gift value. Every gift and aspiration can be registered on Kiiah, from startup dreams to travel adventures, no aspiration is off limits.
  2. Share invitations with friends and family via email, link or social media.
  3. Enjoy your cash gifts. Our Stripe integration allows invitees to contribute via credit card, debit card or via PayPal from more than 200 countries. You will be notified every time a contribution is made to your wishes.

What can I create a Kiiah wish space for?

You can wish for anything on Kiiah. Fund short and long-term goals like travel, continuing your education or even your new startup venture.

How do I close my account?

It sucks that you’re leaving us! Shoot us an email at with the subject line ‘Close my Kiiah account’

Does the entire wish have to be fulfilled for me to receive my gifted funds?

Absolutely not! You can receive every contribution that has been made towards your wish at any point, regardless of whether the entire wish was fulfilled.

Will my contributors be able to write me a message?

Absolutely, at the time of contribution they will be able to send you a message and even attach a picture and/or video. You’ll be able to see the messages in your Kiiah account and via email.

How is Kiiah different from traditional gift websites and registries?

Universal: Fund short and long-term goals like travel, continuing your education or even your new startup venture. Kiiah is a borderless multi-currency platform.

Accept group gifting: Invitees have the option to contribute all or part of the value of any registry item.

Personal and secure, thanks to our partnership with Stripe.

Nice: Send personalized ‘Thank-You’ emails, texts or videos all organized within the Kiiah platform.

Transparent pricing: Single 4.95% processing fee. No hidden charges. No subscription payment required.

Pressure-free: contributors are free to choose any amount they are comfortable with.

Superior customer service including live assistance via chat

Is there a limit on the contribution amount that I can set up and receive?


There is no limit on how much you can recive in contributions on Kiiah. However, your contributors may be subjected to the limits imposed by their credIt card and visa debit card providers.

Can everyone see my Kiiah wish space?

No, only friends with the shared link and email invites can access your wish space. We don't list wish spaces on our website, therefore the general public won't have access. Kiiah wish spaces are not indexed by Google.

Can I set up a Kiiah wish space to receive funds for a friend?

Yes you can! At Kiiah we encourage any gift giving occasion! However, consider asking your friends permission before using their photo if you choose to do so. 

You will also need to connect your own banking information as you will be the merchant of record for the contributions received

Can I thank my contributors with a personalized message?

Yes, you will be able to create a thank you message that will be sent out automatically each time you are gifted. Make sure to spend some time on this step before sharing your wishes heartfelt message; contributors will appreciate the thanks for their special gift!

How do I know when someone makes a contribution?

You will be notified by email each time you receive a contribution to your Kiiah wish space. Remember that when someone makes a contribution they will automatically receive the thank you message you set up.

How much does it cost to create a wish space on Kiiah?

Creating a Kiiah wish space is free!

Can I change my wishes after they are published? Can I add more wishes?

Yes and Yes! You can change the image, description, title and value of your wishes at anytime. The link will remain the same so no need to resend invitations to your friends and family. You can add new wishes anytime by going to the “Add Wish” section in your dashboard. Remember that you can also delete a wish by heading to the “My Wish List” section in your dashboard.

Can someone make a contribution via phone call?

I’m afraid we don’t offer this service at the moment.

Can my contributors give privately?

Yes. However, an email address will be needed for a contributor to make a contribution.

What happens if I need to give a refund?

The wish maker would be required to have funds directly deposited into their bank account, for that reason Kiiah does not provide refunds. Refund requests will be directed to the owner of the wish space.

Does it cost to make a contribution?

It is free to make contributions. However, we charge the receiver a small 4.95% admin fee. This fee allows us to maintain and improve the Kiiah platform, and keep advertisements away.

How many wishes am I allowed?

It’s completely up to you. What’s great about Kiiah is that you keep any contributions you receive and there is no limit to be reached!

How do I find a wish space on Kiiah?

You can only access a wish space if you have been invited by the owner. However, you may reach out to them for the link to their Kiiah wish space!

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