Kiiah is a convenient, fun and social-rich eGift platform.

Today, funds for non-traditional goals has quietly become the most secretly wished for gift and by using Kiiah registry, friends and family can direct gift dollars to wishes that are relevant, and genuinely appreciated.

Our Platform
Register Anything & Everything
Express desires - Post any want, need and long-term goal like travel, cooking experiences or even skydiving. You get to name it, literally.
Spreading the Word
A perfect mission for your Maid of Honour. Give friends, family and guests the pleasure of directing gift dollars that would have otherwise been spent on token gifts or gift cards to instead fund what is meaningful, to you both.
Playful Invitation & Thank You Messages
Together, you can create playful invitation and thank-you messages in the form of written words, photo and video. Likewise, your friends, family and guests can respond with well-wish messages via Kiiah.
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Your funds are directed your chosen bank account.
There is a 5.95% fee per transaction (without a Kiiah Rewards Card).
We'll never share your infomation with others.
We are a secure platform. Learn more in our FAQS.

Make all your wedding dreams come true!

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Register Your Future Together

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