The year of achieving goals.
Kiiah is the eGift Registry without limits. Today, funds for a personal goal has become the most secretly wished for gift and by using Kiiah, friends and family can direct gift dollars to wishes that are relevant and appreciated. Users agree that Kiiah is the most convenient, fun and social-rich gifting platform, ever.
Cool Features
  • Make A Wish - Post your wants, needs and life-goals.

  • Share A Wish - Invite your friends and family to see your private wish space.

  • Fund A Wish – Gifted funds destined for that personal dream arrive directly into your bank account.

  • Accept Well Wishes – Friends and family have the option to send you well wishes along with their support.

  • Say Thank You - Create and send automated or personalized thank you messages to your friends and family.

  • Plus More..


For every occasion!