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My friends and I are headed to Asia before we each go on our separate paths. It’s always been a shared dream, and we can’t think of a better way to end university, than by spending time with great friends in China!
Mike and I are so excited that you’re all able to join us for our baby shower this month. To celebrate the special occasion, we want to gift a little differently. Instead of gifting us traditional gifts, we would like to start an education fund for our sweet baby!
So big news, I am turning 25 this year! I have always wanted to go on a helicopter ride! How cool would that be? So instead of buying me gifts this year, I would love funds to support me to go on a ride of a lifetime!
Hey! I’m trying out a new method of gifting and I’d like to share my Wishlist with you. I hope you will share yours too so that we can exchange perfect gifts!
A lot has changed since we last spoke. It all began with starting a not-for-profit business, to now moving to Asia. To say the least, it’s been a surreal ride! You’re one of the few people invited to see my Wishspace. Cheers!
Hey there, Christmas time is around the corner, and you’re invited to see what we’re wishing for!
Thank you for caring this much about making my wishes come true. I hope you’ll share your Wishlist with me as well!
Thank you so much for your contribution to our Wishlist! We’ll be sharing updates on our social media, make sure to keep up with our progress, it will be awesome! 🙌
Seriously, you’re incredible! Without you it would not be possible for Jeff and I to move back home to Seattle. Will keep you posted on moving date!
Thank you a million! xo