Our Culture

Our Mission

  • Providing people the opportunity to achieve their dreams, through a simple, safe, and convenient platform.

  • Connecting loved ones through purposeful gifting.

  • To change people’s perception about gifting.

  • To provide a platform where gifts are used and appreciated

  • To alter how gifts are given and received

  • Improving people’s lives through our platform by facilitating purposeful experiences

  • To help bring friends and family closer to what their loved ones need.

Our Values

Count on us

In a fast-paced and competitive tech ecosystem, our team works hard to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve. Our platform integrates the most up-to-date technologies and payment systems.

Glass Half Full!

We believe that positivity make us who we are. We like to stay optimistic, and remember that great things take hard work. Laughing and smiling along the way, just makes the journey better.

One For all/Squad Goals

We’ve surrounded ourselves with people who get it. With a small team, we rely on each other to get the job done. Collaboration and teamwork is what makes us great, we’re making it happen together.


Can’t stop, Won’t stop.

Good, better, best. . . we’re not resting till we’ve made a difference. We are a highly motivated team that is making a change in the world.


You’re Important to Us!

We believe that a smile can make huge a difference! Our team is dedicated to making sure we put you first--and that we keep you smiling along the way. We are determined to give you an amazing experience.

Our door’s always open/#Pizzaloaded

We are a diverse team and we love it! We want everyone to feel like they belong and play an equal part on our team. With an array of different backgrounds, each member of our team adds a unique touch to their work, and it’s what makes us stand out as a whole!